Unique learning experiences and a lifelong network

All of our programs are unique, innovative, and sometimes extraordinary—whether it’s learning teamwork and collaboration through music with the Music Paradigm, being coached by professionals to perform Shakespearean monologues, or learning the Positive Emotion Refocusing Technique. Every option is on the table when it comes to creating the best possible learning experience.

Our training excellence is built primarily on our internal coaches and facilitators, a core team of more than 400 internal trainers from our most senior consulting staff who are truly committed to pushing and improving the learning experience at BCG. They are in the field every day working with clients, and no one could better grasp and teach the necessary skills and capabilities. At the same time, they pass on their business experience and advice, as well as the history and culture of the firm. And they find it extremely rewarding!

“Training allows me to connect with the newer consultants, as well as my fellow trainers from all the European offices, thus providing a platform to live the true global nature of BCG.”  —Joe, Abu Dhabi

Whenever relevant, we supplement this internal training cadre with the best external trainers and coaches, all of whom are specially selected for their exceptional expertise. They bring us new perspectives and best-in-class skills.

Our programs are often a celebration at promotion junctures as well as a learning opportunity and we strive to create a very special atmosphere at each of our training programs, encouraging peer learning, collaboration, reflection, and just having fun together in many different and special locations. Through these training opportunities, you will build your strongest connections within BCG—your network of peers that will grow with you and become a lifelong asset, as well as an invaluable network of mentors among your trainers.

In my training work, it is exciting to support people from many different nations and backgrounds to solve a problem together.
Project Leader, Brussels

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