Hundreds of electives to shape your own development

On top of this core curriculum, you have access to a wide range of learning opportunities that are available to help you chart your individual learning path at BCG and shape your own development.


Individualized access to BCG's global expertise.

Online primerThrough LAB, BCG's customized learning portal, you have access to BCG's collective expertise—anytime, anywhere.

You not only learn about the many industries and functions we serve, but also how to develop yourself professionally throughout your career.

  • Online primers created by our global experts help you get up to speed on an industry or function when starting a new case, or brush up on your consulting skills.  Our primers provide access not just to cold facts, but also to the experience of our experts.

  • Virtual classrooms, led by BCG experts, are offered almost every day. This gives every consultant access to the best of BCG’s global experience and latest thinking, no matter where their work may take them. 

  • Specially designed curricula for specific cohort groups and recurring newsletters, such as “What I Wish I’d Known” or the “First Year Starter Kit” series help spread the word on the most effective ways to be a BCG consultant.

  • Individual training recommendations from your case team leader, your career development advisor, or even your colleague help make sure you always have immediate access to what you need to grow as a consultant.

A customized path in your office.

Each local office is unique. To recognize and value this diversity and to make sure we support you with fully relevant learning wherever you are working, we have developed a local curriculum in each office, to deepen or refresh the core courses, bring you up to speed quickly on market specifics or changing business needs, and let you bond with your office colleagues.

Local learning and career development teams also work hand in hand to propose individual and small-group development opportunities that go far beyond the core curriculum. Experienced coaches can support you with one-on-one attention to your specific development needs.

And of course, apprenticeship is key in the BCG model as a way to provide on-the-job practical learning from BCG colleagues and clients. Everyone you work with at BCG strives to be a role model for his or her colleagues. Our team members have many different backgrounds, experiences, and points of view, so each day you will have the chance to both teach and learn.

Integration programs specifically designed for your background and experience.

BCG seeks talented people from all different backgrounds and makes sure the training curriculum is a fit for every one of them. Whether you join after your PhD, law degree, or MD; after a few years in the industry; or from another consulting firm as a lateral hire, we have built customized integration paths for you.

With a blended approach to learning, we will provide you with extensive support to ensure your smooth transition within BCG and allow you to hit the ground running. This ranges from:

  • “integration trainings” to help you understand quickly how to navigate BCG,

  • “experience sharing ” sessions to guide you around integration challenges,

  • “skills building ” tools (a mini-MBA course, called the business essentials program, for those who need to catch up on business concepts and frameworks),

  • online assessment tools and e-modules to support you where and when you need most.

In addition, you will get many opportunities to build a strong connection with BCGers of similar backgrounds who can serve as valuable resources.

As an industry hire I have felt really supported.
Project Leader, London

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