A Core Curriculum for every career step

Our core curriculum provides in-depth courses to build the key skills you need to develop at each career step, from associate to senior partner. 

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To complement this core curriculum, you have access to a wide range of learning opportunities that are available to help you define your individual learning path at BCG and shape your own development: in your local office, via our targeted newsletter series, through the BCG learning portal, and in your industrial or functional practice area.

I found the continued support for those, like me, who do not come from a business background simply fantastic.
Consultant, Boston

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TED TEDとBCGの共同イベントにおける講演ビデオをご紹介しています。
日本代表 御立尚資"Three Lessons That Businesses Can Learn from Natural Disasters" など、世界各地から選ばれた25名のエキスパートのスピーチが、TED流の演出でお楽しみ頂けます。